Overnight stay

Overnight stay
Overnight stay
Type of House Number of rooms Maximum number of persons Overnight stay fees
(in Korean Won)
Amenities and miscellaneous information
Room For two persons Room For four persons
Kaesong House 2 2 12 80,000 toilet and one bathroom
Pyongyang House 1 1 6 40,000 toilet and one bathroom
Sangchae House 1 1 6 40,000 toilet and one bathroom
Hwanghaedo House 2 1 8 50,000 toilet and one bathroom
Hamkyungdo House 3   6 40,000 toilet and one bathroom In winter, only two rooms are in use.
The Following points should be noted for the overnight stay experience.
  • The number of persons to be accommodated is not to exceed the maximum number stated above.
  • The minimum stay is one night and the maximum consecutive stay may not exceed four nights.
  • To avert the risk of fire, no cooking and cooking utensils are allowed in the house, Cooking will be allowed only in the common kitchen (currently being built).
  • Personal toiletries (tooth brush, razors) are not provided. You need to bring your own.
  • No extra beds other than for those reserved guests will be provided.
  • In case of staying two nights or longer, personal belongings should be stored in a designated area so that other visitors can tour the houses.
  • Any loss of personal valuables is the responsibility of the guest and care should be given to their safekeeping.
  • In case of damage of the exhibit items or artifacts, the visitor will be charged the fair amount.
  • We do not take reservations for other programs than those that the Museum sponsors.
  • The accommodations for overnight stay experience are open year-round.
  • There is no admission charge for a tour of the Museum to the overnight stay guests.
Check in⁄out time
  • The overnight stay period runs from 6:00 pm to 8:30 am. Even if the stay is less than this period,
    a charge for one night stay is applied.
  • If the check-out time is later than 8:30 am, the Museum reserves the right to take any necessary measure to ensure the opening and tour of the Museum.
Please contact the Art Department for additional information.
  • Art department : 82-33-630-2976
  • Fax : 82-33-639-2430
  • Museum address : The Sokcho City Museum 16, Sinheung 2-gil, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea, 24859